7-9 Sep 2016 Toulouse (France)

Europa Team Meeting

This workshop will take place at the IRAP Institute, Toulouse, France from the 07th to the 09th September 2016

The 'Europa Initiative' aims to address the key questions of the habitability of Europa, one of Jupiter's moons, and of the search for extant life at its surface and in its interior, through the design of an ambitious joint mission of NASA and ESA including a surface element (soft lander and/or penetrator) and a carrier/relay/orbiter, accomplishing complementary scientific investigations in a synergistic way. 

This final Team meeting will define the science goals, measurement strategies, vehicle options (including the distribution of roles between NASA and ESA) and possible mission profiles that will be proposed to ESA in response to the "M5" call for medium-class missions. All the supporters of the Initiative, and anyone interested in Europa and in the search for life in the Solar System, are warmly encouraged to participate.

Remote participation by webex or equivalent will be possible.



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